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  • "...a solid pianism rich in tension... a natural "cantabilità"... a sound taste that springs from a careful weight gauging within the melodic contest." (Paolo Tarallo - "Corriere della Sera")
  • "...Radiant... Cristiano Burato has all the gifts of an acknowledged talented artist...An harmonious phrasing, an ever moving research, the rational worry of letting everything progress. ...A wonderful technical authority... In every moment he made us feel a range of new and appropriate styles thanks to a precious sensitiveness and to an enormous variety of touches ... A great artist, just like his fellow countryman Virgilio, who was born in Mantua." (Pierre- Petit - "Le Figaro")
  • "A remarkable control of sonority, an instinctive approach to articulation and phrasing, and a confident, relaxed performing manner." (The Times)
  • "Burato is a pianist not only of impressive fluency and technical command, but also one of great interest in the way he brings fresh interpretative thought to warks that have long been enshrined as classic". (Geoffrey Norris - The Daily Telegraph)
  • "Burato is a pianist and an artist who can coax from his instrument the most feathery textures as well as the most sustained cantabile alongside a strong octave and arm technique and brilliant semiquaver passages notes, without at any time missing out the quality of tone, control and firmness of touch. Though his virtuosity is unquestionable only momentarily did one feel that the pianist was indulging since for the most part this served a higher artistic purpose". (The Sunday Times)
  • "A charming personality -. A real all-round musician." ("Jaen" - Espana)
  • "...this young pianist transfers all his ability into melody and balance; he "reads" deep down in the text and then translates it for the listener with grace and skill." (America Oggi Magazine - New York)
  • "... the romanticism quintessence ...the virtuoso pianist's triumph." (D. Iotti - "Gazzetta di Reggio")
  • "...Indeed we can state that in Italy there's another pianist who will become history ...I think that he has an idyllic relationship with the keyboard. ...his hands settle with love, getting gentle and very clear sounds; but then they give off an intense and dramatic force, almost dark and light in contrast ...a full timbric sound effect that Cristiano Burato proposes to us with the entire splendour of his piano and interpretative technique..." (Marcella Pobbe - "Brescia Oggi")
  • "...a star of the keyboard is born. Cristiano Burato in one of those natural talents that no one can dispute. His piano playing technique is so controlled to allow him to produce the maximum phrase articulation and at the same time a detailed quest for touch, sound-weight distribution and dynamics. But what strikes even more is the way he dominates forms".
    (Cesare Venturi - "L'Arena")
  • "A musician of great temperament and sound talent. Interpretative excellence and playing maturity. Painstaking technical preparation which translates into solid, dazzling and even aggressive virtuosity. But apart from energy, the Mantua pianist is able to find accents of incredible sweetness, soft and singable phrases, rapid and volatile arabesques, exquisite and fascinating ornamentations. In him, we find a careful quest for tone, different sounds, endless ways of pronouncing the same phrase..". (Marco Bizzarrini - "Giornale di Brescia")
  • "... a pianist with an audacious technique, capable of lyricism without any languor, in possession of a varied but always firm and incisive sound. And with well-defined musical ideas, never prevaricating over the reasoning behind a respectful interpretation of the text. Destined not to slip unnoticed into concert life, but to become a permanent part of it, cutting out highly prestigious spaces for himself." (Santi Calabrò - "Gazzetta del Sud")